Moving Walls: Summer 2015 Education Program

A moving wall is a fixed period of time – months or years – that tends to change the equation of motion. Not that we claim to fathom Lagrange’s formulas, but we can spot the relevance. Summer construction impacts event programming and library services, as engineers and workers repair the roof, install a sprinkler system, upgrade the WiFi, and renovate the fourth floor in Russell Hall. A simple equation, color coded, could be: summer + construction = yellow, for yellow is yield. Quieter are the hot, hazy days of this Gottesman summer, despite the buzz of drills, and flood of patrons relishing a cool space after a busy day’s conference in the great halls of the College.

From applied dynamics, we look to principles of design, and see that moving walls are transformative: Madrid-based designer Yolanda Pila’s microapartment becomes a five-room home that makes economical and judicious use of room. Sliding panels or rolling units creatively serve to reconfigure space, no longer fixed, for the need at hand, so living and working combine. Here, moving + function = green, for green is go.

Onsite we host musicnews and book displays, monthly book club, and a small mix of workshops in spaces available. We continue to draw on student talent; inform current affairs, education, or learning environments; share books on learning and teaching, informal and formal; and instruct on valuable topics, namely: research methodology, cited reference searching, and K-12 curriculum.

Slowing down, yellow, we reconfigure, green, our spaces with a focus – virtual: Vialogues, the award-winning platform for meaningful discussion around video, and Pocketknowledge, the digital archive, which is history in the making. We curate 26 discussions for events of the Education Program; highlight 17 new and expanding collections in Pocketknowledge; and promote numerous research resources to expand the open classroom. There are moving walls for databases featured monthly: Creative Technologies, in June; Performance Psychology, July; Smart Spaces, August.

Mixing two equations into yellow-green, we envisage the possibility and promise, beyond walls, moving.






Education Program: Summer 2015 Offerings Attendees
Book Club 3 6
Instructional 3 6
Live Music 7 n/a
News Displays 13 n/a
Other 46 n/a
Total 72 12