Margaret Bates and Teaching Research Methods with YouTube

| January 24, 2011

Can research methods be fun to teach? So advocates Dr. Margaret Bates, who cites examples of the benefits of focus groups and social media that allow people to feel safe and open up about themselves and their research topics. Using a Dodge commercial and other short video clips, Bates remarks on the significance of participant observation; content analysis, parallel to counting; and the interesting collapse of context in examining how people interact with media.

Dr. Margaret Bates, an alumna of Teachers College, is currently a part-time faculty member at The New School in the Media Studies and Film Department. Previously, Dr. Bates was Associate Professor and Director of Foundations, Media and Communication Arts, The City College of New York. Prior to that, she was marketing consultant for the New York Media Association and Group Account Director for THINK New Ideas. She joined THINK after being the Director of New Business Development at AT&T’s digital production studio, Downtown Digital. She also led the production of an eight-month on-line test of interactive television as well as the development of prototypes for market trials of ITV. Before that she was vice-president at Humanware/New Product Development at Citibank and held the same position at Videodisc Publishing, Inc. She has published online about web activism.

Referencing Our Guest Talk, The Use of Youtube in Teaching Media Research Methods, with Margaret Bates, Monday, 12/13

Video by Michelle DeLateur