January Posters

Just in case you’re wondering…. posters for offerings of the Gottesman Libraries Education Program draw upon the historical art collections of Teachers College, Columbia University. Click on the offering or event, and you will learn what’s going on in January. Click on the title of the artwork and read “About the work”, to find details on dimension, technique/medium, color, subject matter, special features, source-provenance, author’s nationality, and additional artist information. Read on, and ponder the connections between news and art – present, past, and future!


January Databases: Heath Sciences and Health Promotion

My School (1957), by Pamela Senford

Ziegfeld Collection of International Children’s Art


Why does play, or sport, figure into mental, physical, and intellectual health? How are schools promoting good health behaviors and supporting social and environmental interventions?



Library Tours

Birds in a Wood (circa 1955), by Unknown

Ziegfeld Collection of International Children’s Art


As we approach the Spring and look to the Fall, let’s explore exciting possibilities for the library’s new learning theater!



News Display: National Handwriting Day

Classroom, with Primary Children at a Table at the Front of the Room, 9 University Place, Teachers College, (Date not Known), by Photographer Unknown.

Historical Photographs of Teachers College

With the proven foundation of the 3 R’s (reading, writing, and arithmetic) in early schooling, consider the import of penmanship and the growing impact of technology.



Workshop: Navigating Research: Tools and Strategies

Ships at Sea (1956), by Bent Christiansen

Ziegfeld Collection of International Children’s Art


Why is sailing the sea of research and information sometimes so tricky? Fear not, for there are bright skies and boats ahead.



News Display: Lewis Carroll’s Birthday

Mammals, Rabbit (Hutch), c1920, by Rothman Administrator

Rothman Lantern Slide Collection


The mystical mammal leads Alice into a hole of psychological discovery, while Lewis Carroll raises new levels of literary consciousness. Consider how the White Rabbit contrasts with Alice, as does Carroll to his contemporaries.

The Ziegfeld Collection of International Children’s Art comprises about 350 paintings, drawings, prints and collages made by adolescents aged 10 to 18 from 32 countries across the world. The Collection was originated in the 1950’s by Dr. Edwin Ziegfeld, founder of the arts and education program at Teachers College.

Historical Photographs of Teachers College comprises 450 photographs, taken by A. Fowler and others, document the architectural growth of the College and the academic and social life of its members over a century. They date from the late 1890’s through the 1980’s.

The Rothman Lantern Slide Collection contains over 4,000 lantern slides, or mounted photographic transparencies designed for projection by a magic lantern. The lantern slides depict a diversity of peoples, places, institutions, objects, animals, nature, and other images that were used as educational aids in the teaching of numerous subjects throughout the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. Donated by Mrs. Rothman, a former New York City school teacher, the collection sheds light on the application of media to the classroom, as well as the growth of K-12 curriculum.