Infusing the Fall 2013 Education Program

| January 10, 2014

Education  — Special — we honor last, but not least.

Design thinking infuses Socratic conversation, like mint tisane.

United Nations, we celebrate our common humanity.

Cosmopolitanism and philosophy wed innovation and education.

Arts, Media, and Justice we embrace with a panel of eight.

TEACH, in motion, we face the real fight.

Instruction springs from books magically surfacing, as to

Offit, our senses consider alternative medicine.

Neurodynamics each week we treat, holistic the vision.

Prevention of Bullying, orange running the

Race, now it’s coalition — 40 Years Later and we can talk.

Osler, we walk, peacefully for justice, human rights– knowing

Goodenough mothering is experiential, the art of living.

Richard’s Almanack, never poor, we display in our café

Articles from the news, like wisps of steam rising.

Music with DJs, we experiment… hot and cold steeping.

Education Program Fall 2013 Offerings Attendees
Book Talks 12 203
Film Talks 6 158
Guest Speakers 15 364
Instructional Offerings 39 353
Socratic Conversations 4 88
Music (Live) 10 n/a
Music (DJ) 3 n/a
News Displays 16 n/a
Total 105 1166