“…In the Woods…”

| March 1, 2011

The train deposits us in the middle of the track – no station stop, rails glisten in the mid-morning sun of early October. We alight, gingerly stepping through the long ladder of metal, breathing in the coolness of soil, happy to flee the city noise and soot. We trek to the rocks and begin our steep ascent…

… the trees are marked sporadically, red paint crumbling across the old bark. The trail is none too clear, very overgrown, even bog-like in some spots. Sunlight filters through the tall elms, casting nets on the ground, while the wind echoes a maraca, so strong the shaking above. Failing to find the next marker, our boots soggy, we circle through colorful leaves piled high like shoal fish flickering in the Hudson.

Caught in the beauty, lost in the woods… wondering why we took that path and how we’ll get back, we slowly finish our sandwiches as the sun sinks like a pomegranate from the branches.

Referencing Our Film Screening In the Woods, Wednesday, 2/16