Highlighting the Education Program, Fall 2015: Blackthorn’s Sloe

| January 11, 2016

Prunus_SpinosaIn Fall 2015, we are happy to see content significant to today’s classroom and world. We can marvel at how the first dissertation, ever to be written in comic book form, was done at Teachers College, as we look back at The Comic Book Project and appreciate rapid growth in the teaching of visual literacy. Or, how a disengaged student takes the path to a TC doctorate, as educators nation-wide bravely battle dropout prevention. We might weigh the impact of MOOCs in higher education, and race and class on schooling, in Africa and across America, while we examine the expanding U.S. Latino diaspora. In the spirit of gaming, we play with library lore — riddles and puzzles — via Lemoncello, as we listen to the voices of engagement, TC Public Space, and consider the history and influence of the student press. Prompted by good books, expert speakers, and thought-provoking film, these talks expand the reach of our knowledge into, and across, academic programs and disciplines, including: art and art education, English, family and community, communications-media-and learning technologies design, bilingual and bicultural education, international and comparative education, education and public policy.

Through redesign of the Everett Cafe, a fresh approach ties current news to special news displays, publications, and events. For Unflattening, we coordinate a serious comics display of classic, seminal, and other books on creative methods of teaching and learning. After Landing on Mars, comes Sensational Gods, with a nod to St. Nick, the Nutcracker, and Winter Solstice — and, topping it off, with seasonal icing are blogs detailing attractive titles and covers. Other news selections, daily and thematic, reflect the depth and breadth of subjects in the broader field of education: history, literature, art, science, and much more, while music of all genres graces the Everett stage each week and culminates with Festive Collaborations and Gypsy Jazz.

In-person instruction re-visits proven topics, with consistent demand for tours and general orientations (general, doctoral student, international), lit review, grants, cited reference searching, and K-12 resources, not to mention, career preparation and presentation skills. We prompt self-directed learning through the monthly promotion of databases (education, psychology, science, culture) and historical resources, including the papers and records of TC faculty, affiliated schools, and alumni. We similarly develop the curated collection of Education Program vialogues, by building upon onsite book and guest talks (among them, Uzodinma Iweala, Jonna PerilloDavid Kirp, Peter Kirchschlager), as we feature, on our news feed, the contributions of TC Changemakers (Chris Emdin, Lalitha Vasudevan, Yvonne Sealey Ruiz, Amanda Aiken) and Matt Taylor, Artist-in-Residence. We’d like to recognize the work of the Design Team for Changemakers, Learning Captured, Mindful Lights, and Brushes with Historyart installations and exhibitions that honor achievements, celebrate the spirit of education, and add significantly to the program of offerings.

There’s space, in and outside the box, indeed also for the black box, where we can think, explore, imagine, play, plan ahead. With construction underway for the fourth floor’s Smith Learning Theater, we look forward to sharing new educational experiences and stretching our interpretation of new forms of teaching and learning. Enter the court of Navarre, proclaimed the “wonder of the world” and “little Academe/Still and contemplative in living art”. It is said that Love’s Labour’s Lost is in the zeitgeist, while the Gottesman players stand by…



And now Autumn is here, and lo!

The Blackthorn bears the purple sloe!


Education Program: Fall 2015 Offerings Attendees
   Book 5 164
   Guest 6 135
   Film 1 18
   Tours 10 155
   Workshops 10 147
   Online Discussions 17 n/a
   Self Guided 18 n/a
Live Musical Performances 12 n/a
Displays & Exhibitions
   Special News 16 n/a
   Regular News 63 n/a
   Book 4 n/a
   Installations – Art 4 n/a
Total 166 619

Images: “Prunus Spinosa” and “Closeup of Blackthorn” (Wikipedia).


Act I, scene 1, lines 14-16. Love’s Labour’s Lost, by William Shakespeare.

“The Song of the Sloe Fairy”, Flower Fairies of the Autumn, A Deluxe Book of Flower Fairies, by Cecily Mary Barker (Frederick Warne & Co, 2003)