Hello, Education Program

| September 4, 2013

Opening Days. A flutter of fresh faces. A rousing rag and a fallen moustache. A wandering through floors, librarians leading. A panoply of news. A flurry of questions. Woodwinds rising. Leaves turning. Student, teacher, writer, artist, friend uniting.

So begins the Education Program, to inform about the latest thinking in education and engage members of the community with one another and the broader range of educational experts. A collection of stories. A calling of dj’s. A complement of educators.  An understanding of work being done throughout the College — and beyond.

Design, artistic expression, upgraded online learning, dynamic learning are core threads, interwoven the Gottesman Way.  We highlight events and exhibitions, educational applications, curriculum and publications. Our Thinker poised beside new literature in the Socratic circle, it is a glorious September in a year full of possibility and promise.

If you would like to participate in the Education Program, including ideas for new events and offerings, please contact us.

For reports on past semesters be sure to read Year in Review.