Designing the Space You Most Want and Need

Let’s just call it your….HOME!

That was the Design challenge that was happily addressed at the recent Socratic Conversation (5/29) conducted by Ron Gross.

Each participant began by identifying four major values which they sought in designing their living space, and then shared one which they felt would be unique in the group – and they were!

This “search for our human needs” is at the core of Design Thinking, of course.

Among the values boldly inscribed on a flip-chart pin-wheel upfront were:  Comfort, Well-Being, Safety, Nourishment, Independence, and Creativity.

Commented one participant,  “Seeing ALL of our top values up there on the wheel, really expanded my awareness of the options!”

Then, the group used other Design Thinking principles including Brainstorming, Mutual Support for Innovative Ideas, and Thinking Visually.  For example, the ideal of the clean desk-top vs. the roll-top desk was explored as a hologram of one’s attitude towards one’s entire apartment.

As always at the Socratic Conversations, a display of important books on the topic were available – including Even An Octopus Needs a Home, which was used to spur metaphoric and divergent thinking in the group.

The session concluded with the group’s reflections on an expression of  “Home” as a great metaphor for our place in the Universe: astronaut Edgar Mitchell’s words on first glimpsing “earthrise”:

“Suddenly from behind the rim of the moon there emerges a sparkling blue and white jewel…it takes more than a moment to realize this is Earth…our HOME.

Please be sure to join us for our next Socratic Conversation on Thursday, July, 24th, 4-5:15pm, Topic: TBA.

Image:  Sampler, by Louisa Nenninger, 1823. From Wikipedia Commons, courtesy of Cooper-Hewitt Musem.