A Few Summer Posters

| August 2, 2016

Picking just the right image to advertise an event or offering is fun, for a picture — true to its saying– speaks a thousand words. It’s even better when you discover a work of art from within the Gottesman Libraries historical art collections that fits the bill and communicates just the perfect feel and tempo! So, check out the following posters, trace the inspiration back, and learn more about the rich resources available through Pocketknowledge, the digital archive of Teachers College, and its companion, the Pocketknowledge Viewer, that lets you view, download, and search for images from the art collections of the Gottesman Libraries which are stored in Pocketknowledge! Also be sure to check our news feed for upcoming events, as we gear up for the Fall semester.



News Display: King John Seals the Magna Carta

Magna Charta. (c.1920), by Rothman Administrator

Rothman Lantern Slide Collection

Today in History






160705_Databases_219x365July Databases: Theater and Education

A Fairy In The Employment Of Rather Nasty Mischief And Other Works (n/a,1904-1922), by Unknown

Students of Arthur Wesley Dow Collection






160725_Workshop_219x365Workshop: Theater Talk

Design For Sea King: Detail Of GL00-BB04-FF04-DR05-0022 (n/a, 1904-1922), by Unknown

Students of Arthur Wesley Dow






160801_Databases_219x365August Databases: In the News

Teachers College Main Building, mounted picture, clipped from newspaper dated March 2, 1895: . The college building 2. Kindergarten 3. Physical laboratory 4. Geological laboratory 5. Chemical laboratory 6. Art studio 7. Machine shop 8. Woodwork (1895), by Unknown

Historical Photographs of Teachers College





160801_Calling_219x365Calling Student Musicians!

Patrick Playing His Violin (1968), by Quentin Blake

Morton Schindel Animation Cels Collection







  • Students of Arthur Wesley Dow Collection comprises 300 collected works were created by Teachers College students studying under Professor Dow in the early 1900’s. Mostly paintings and prints, the works in the Collection clearly illustrate Dow’s theories and approach to art.
  • Historical Photographs of Teachers College comprises 450 photographs, taken by A. Fowler and others, document the architectural growth of the College and the academic and social life of its members over a century. They date from the late 1890’s through the 1980’s.
  • The Rothman Lantern Slide Collection is a K-12 teaching resource containing several thousand mounted photographic transparencies intended for projection by a magic lantern.
  • The animation cels in the Morton Schindel Animation Cels Collection have been used in the creation of the films Here Comes The Cat, Smile for Auntie, Red Riding Hood, Strega Nona, Wings: The Tale of Two Chickens, Sylvester and the Magic Pebble, Goldilocks and Patrick. They were donated to the Gottesman Libraries by Morton Schindel, founder of Weston Woods Studios and graduate of Teachers College.