Too Much Of A Good Thing: Limiting SuperSearch Results

| June 21, 2010

When using the Gottesman Library’s online search systems, sometimes searching for articles on a broad topic using SuperSearch can result in too much of a good thing: Hundreds of results.

SuperSearch has features to help you focus on your specific needs and reduce the number of results.

For example, searching for the term “educational theories” results in 683 articles.

Clicking on “Refine Search” in the upper left corner of the Results Page lets you add additional qualifying terms to your original search.

Adding the term “Kindergarten” to “Educational theories” reduces the number of results from 683 to 224.

Clicking on “Limit By: Full Text” reduces that number to 113.

Clicking on “Limit By: Peer-reviewed” reduces that number to 35.

SuperSearch also clusters results by topic on the left hand side of the page, and offers the opportunity to sort your results by date, the journal in which the article appears, and author.

These and other Search Tips are provided by Serials Solutions, Inc. upon whose 360 Search federated search tool our SuperSearch is based.