The Faculty Song of the Class of 1906 Illustrated with Historic Photographs from the Teachers College Archives

| August 11, 2010

Oh! She came up to College just for fun,

But found before her work was done

‘T was no loafing place up here.

Dean James Earl Russell


No loafing place up here–

Teachers College–

No loafing place up here;

She went to the Dean to plead her case

But the  Dean cried out, “No loafing place–

No loafing place up here.”


Mr. Richards gives her just one week

For subject matter and technique–

“This is an industry!”

Machine Shop, School of Industrial Arts


Dr. Biglow gives her this suggestion;

To study well the frog’s digestion

Its nerves and circulation.

Dr. Maurice A. Bigelow, Biology


Miss Goodsell said “Oh just look into

Thomas Plattar and Vittorino,

Monteigne and “Jack” Rouseeau.

Dr. Willystine Goodsell, Philosophy of Education


Prof. Smith said, “Can’t you see

That figures shot through infinity

Come out the other side.”

Dr. David Eugene Smith, Mathematics


Miss Kinne said, “Your food now weigh

Compute the cost per gram per day

And count each calorie.”

Miss Helen Kinne, Domestic Science


Mrs. Woolman said, “You’ll be afraid

If you study the Manhattan Trade

Before you leave T.C.”

Dressmaking Class, Clothing Laboratory


Dr. Vulte though he’d analyze her,

Treat her with a hydralyzer–

Reduce her to N.G.

Domestic Science Equipment


The gymnasium is also good for the soul

If you will just slide down the pole

And breathe deep and long.

Girls Basketball Team


Mr. Lloyd said, “To pass your exam

In photo-synthesis you’ll have to cram.”–

No loafing place up here.

The Plant World: A Magazine of Popular Botany, Vol. 9 (1906) edited by Francis Ernest Lloyd


Mr. Dodge says that it’s condensation

Which will cause precipitation

“But don’t be a weather prophet.”

Geography Classroom, Horace Mann School


Dr. Mac Vannel illustrates his talk

With chair and hat and pen and chalk,

On Kant, Herbart and Froebel.

Dr. John A. MacVannel, Chair of the Kindergarten Department


Prof. Baker’s extra outside work

Often holidays no one can shirk,

It’s followed by a quiz.

Dr. Franklin T. Baker, English Language and Literature


Dr. Dewey always comes in late

To discuss with us the primitive state

And the study of the child.

Dr. John Dewey, Philosophy


For good method and a binding thought

Dr. McMurray is always sought

For he’s authority.

Elementary School: Penmanship Exercise


When everybody “ups” and leaves the room

And we all look like we’d met our doom–

‘T is only a quizz in Ed.B.


Mr. Collins teaches German grammar,

And tells us all to “Hammer, hammer.”–

No loafing place up here.

Elijah W. Bagster-Collins: First Book in German


Dr. Thorndyke now stands up and reads,

While the class takes all the rest it needs

Preparing for that quizz.

Dr. Edward Lee Thorndike, Educational Psychology


Mr. Dow tells us what we must do–

Just let that texture shine right through,

And don’t save your paint.

Dr. Arthur Wesley Dow, Fine Arts


Miss Van Arsdale said that she must go

To the trouble of mastering H’Q–

No loafing place up here.

May Belle Van Arsdale, Physics and Chemistry, Horace Mann High School


Psychology she tried to shirk,

But chicken lore filled up the work–

No loafing place up here.


Miss Noseworthy with love and tact

Caused that girl properly to re-act,

And respond to sympathy.


Miss Kinne said, “Give her an allowance

And make her keep her own accounts–

No loafing place up here.


Miss Helen Kinne, Domestic Science

Mr. Dow said, “I know what you lack–

‘T is raw sienna and ivory black–“

No loafing place up here.


Practice teaching we all are made to do,

And we never know when we are through–

No loafing place up here.

Student Teachers Observing A Lesson At Horace Mann School


Applications come at such a rate

That on the anxious seat we wait–

Miss Pratt decides our fate.

No loafing place up here–

Teachers College–

No loafing place up here.