Litigation in LibraryLand: SkyRiver Sues OCLC

| August 9, 2010

Marshall Breeding reports in Library Technology Guides that SkyRiver Library Technology Solutions has filed an antitrust suit against OCLC.

In a move that could have far-reaching implications for competition in the library software and technology services industry, SkyRiver Technology Solutions, LLC has filed suit in federal court in San Francisco against OCLC Online Computer Library Center, Inc. The suit alleges that OCLC, a purported non-profit with a membership of 72,000 libraries worldwide, is unlawfully monopolizing the markets for cataloging services, interlibrary lending, and bibliographic data, and attempting to monopolize the market for integrated library systems, by anticompetitive and exclusionary practices.

SkyRiver claims that OCLC is punishing members who also use SkyRiver with unwarranted price increases to load records into WorldCat, the OCLC union catalog.

OCLC is a global not-for-profit corporation with 72,000 members that markets a variety of products and services to libraries.

SkyRiver is a new bibliographic utility and web-based cataloging service that entered the market in October 2009, claiming up to 40% savings over OCLC.

SkyRiver is joined in the suit by Innovative Interfaces, Inc., the producer of the Millennium ILS that our library uses for EDUCAT.

Leslie Straus, the president of SkyRiver, was the III rep who sold us EDUCAT and worked with us for many years before retiring from III.