Printing with Flex Dollars @ Gottesman Libraries

| September 21, 2011

There are paper copies of  a printing guide at the first floor circulation desk giving you the details on how to print and copy at the library. It reads:

“Go to the 2nd floor to the Flexcard dispensing machine to Get new Flexcard OR Add money to your existing Flexcard OR Put money on your Student ID.”

While you have the option of using your ID or a Flexcard, the best choice is to put money directly on your Student ID. Why is this the best choice?

1. You save a dollar. While you still have to pay a $5 minimum, you do not have to subtract $1 for the physical blue Flex Card. You do have to specify that it is for a Flex Account and not for your dining balance.

2. Less cards to carry. You need to bring your student ID around for so many other things — why not give it another function?

The printing cost is still 15 cents a page, and you can use the copier function without having a card if you have coins or dollars.