NINJa Printing: Free printing on the Columbia campus

| November 8, 2011

NINJa printing — sounds bad-ass right? Well, it is! The NINJa printing system is what you can use to print your quota at one of the many libraries or computer labs on the Columbia campus or one of its affiliate campuses!

A Teacher’s College student may print up to 20 pages per week (for free) at the Columbia/affiliate campuses. For a $35 fee per semester, you may print up to 100 pages per week for the entire semester. When one considers the cost of printing in the Gottesman/Russel Hall Library (.15 per page) or the Horace Mann & Macy Hall computer labs (.05 for black & white and .50 per page for color), one should definitely take advantage of their quota!

For a list of all of the libraries and labs where you can print your free quota of papers, click here!

Here is an interactive map of the campus to help with finding your printing destination. Here is a static map below (click the picture below to reveal a larger version of the map):

If you are ever stuck and forget where to print, you can always visit the circulation desk of the Gottesman Library for a copy of printing directions/locations in TC and a map of the other libraries. Alternatively, you may type in “printing” in the Search bar on the main TC library homepage. Just be sure and choose the “Knowledge Database” from the drop-down menu of choices.