Motivation and Goals

| February 11, 2012

As an Organizational Psychology major, I often hear about motivation and  goal-setting in class. Without either, we are simply task-doers lacking the ability to efficiently achieve our goals. With clearly defined goals and a timeline in which to achieve them, the possibility of success is much greater. The widely used acronym in business is SMART goals:

S – specific
M – measurable
A – attainable
R – result-oriented
T – time-bound

As in any scientific experiment, one must have a method. The method for goal-achievement involves the above characteristics. Clarifying your goals allows you to break them down,  time them, and ensure they are attainable. This allows you to stay on track.

Regarding motivation — you cannot achieve your goals if you’re not motivated to do so. So, think about what motivates you or get some inspiration from others. I find TED talks to be amazing and inspiring.

If you have some time, there is a great, relatively-short eBook available on the CLIO (Columbia University Online Catalog) site:

Title: Motivation and goal-setting how to set and achieve goals and inspire others

Author: Jim Cairo

Publisher: Career Press, 1998

Simply click “eBook Full Text” on the left portion of the screen to access the entire eBook