How to Get Around

| October 24, 2012

Sometimes getting around campus can be a challenge. Some have likened the TC campus to Hogwarts. I’m not sure if that’s in reference to the look and feel of the outside of the building or whether it’s because the halls and rooms seem to shift, leaving us all lost. Teachers College may be one big building, but as you know, it is made up of eight different halls and navigating them can be confusing.

Hogwarts moving stairs

Seriously, where are we?

But there is help!

There are two easy map tools you can use to get around both Teachers College and Columbia.

For Teachers College, you can use the TC Route Finder, which works a lot like any map application you’d find online like Google Maps or Mapquest, except that it’s just for Teachers College.

To show how it’s used, let’s say you want to print, but decide that once you get to the TC library that you want to print in color, which means you’ll have to head over to the Horace Mann computer lab. To get directions from the library, which is Russell Hall, to Horace Mann 242 you plug in the place where your start point and destination and voilà! You have your directions. Also note: the halls are abbreviated in this case, RH for Russell Hall and HM for Horace Mann, but the drop-down should prompt you for the appropriate selection even if you type out the whole name.

TC Route Finder

If you’re trying to get around the rest of Columbia, there’s an interactive map for that, which has links to other Columbia campus maps to the right.

Columbia Interactive Map

You are now ready to get around campus with confidence. Surf board and plaid optional.

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