How to Find E-Reserves

| September 30, 2012

To follow up on Anne’s handy-dandy post on how to check out a reserve book, I’m going to talk about how get something from e-reserves.

Instead of going all the way to the library only to possess that precious reserve book for just two hours, if a reading for your course is on e-reserves, you’ll have as much time as you want with and you’ll never need to leave the comfort of your own home, although we here at the library recommend you leave to go to class or engage with the outside world occasionally.

Anyway, the way to e-reserves is on the library website through the link “Course Reserves” as you see below:

Screenshot of library main page with course reserves link

Like many other services at Columbia, you’ll be prompted to log in with your uni and password. Once you’re in, click on the “My Classes” link at the upper right.

Screenshot of My Classes in Reserves and Requests

Select the drop-down on left under “My Classes” and select your class. The e-reserve documents for that class will appear to the right.

Screenshot of courses drop-down menu and course documents

Congratulations, you are now ready to spend some quality time with your class readings!


Please note, some courses may also use Blackboard or Moodle, and you would have to retrieve your reading there. Blackboard and Moodle can be accessed from the “MyTC” portal. A link to Blackboard is also the “Bb” image on the library page.

Screenshot of link to Blackboard

Moodle logo