Find Digital Research Tools: Bamboo DiRT

| June 20, 2013

As a kind of follow-up to Anne’s post on altmetrics and associated tools, I’d like to share a big list of links to all kinds of tools called Bamboo DiRT. Bamboo DiRT is a directory for an assortment of digital research tools for scholarly use with such categories as Analyze data, Communicate with colleagues, Conduct linguistic research, Create a mashup, Manage bibliographic information, Search visually, Stay current with research, Visualize data, Write collaboratively, and more.

I had seen the site before, but after reading about the various altmetrics apps, I was inspired to see if there were more on this site. I’ve found one so far, the ominously named Publish or Perish. This particular tool is free, although this is not true for all the tools on the site. They have also started adding reviews to some of their listed tools.