Abby the Therapy Dog Visits the Library!

Today, the library welcomed Abby and her owner Karen Baldwin to brighten up finals week. Abby and Karen come to TC from the Good Dog Foundation, and Abby is a certified therapy dog who helps bring stress relief, healing, and love wherever she goes. Finals can be a really stressful time for TC students, and the Gottesman Libraries wants to make your finals week a little bit easier. As always, we will be open until 1am during the finals, and we’ll have our regular late night emergency chocolates to fuel your studies, but we also want you to be able to relax a little too. Enter Abby, who cheers students up, makes them smile, and helps them take that well-earned break.

Today, Abby visited us from 3pm to 4pm on the 2nd floor of the library, and she brought a lot of love to the TC community.

She made some new friends.


A lot of new friends.


She was a very popular lady!


Abby always had a doggy smile for the TC community.


And reminded everyone that’s sometimes you just need to relax.


She was a great library guest, and we’re so glad she came to visit!


Did you miss Abby today? It’s alright if you did, because Abby and Karen will be visiting again on Thursday, December 15th at 3pm. You can find them on the 2nd floor in the Zen Garden. We hope to see you there!

Good luck on your finals!