Self-Help Reading at the Library

| December 17, 2010

In the beginning of human existence life was short and hard like a body building elf. I imagine that humans on a whole, at the time, were more concerned about food, shelter, and tending to offspring. The simple life did not leave as much time for thinking. With the transition from the jungle of sticks and vines to the jungle of steel and cement, the simple life also transitioned to a much more mentally taxing life. We now must contend with a variety of complex relationships, deal with nonsensical drama mongering politicians, decipher information from a media that confuses sensationalism with fact, and uphold a sense of urgency to rub the neighbors face in numerous personal and professional achievements. No wonder the field of psychology has blossomed.

So, what do we do when an event occurs that causes our individual world to come crashing down, and a person is left to pick up the shattered pieces of their once indestructible universe? This occurrence is not unlike the shattering of a poorly positioned priceless vase, both events are seemingly unexpected until after it happens (You win again, gravity!).

At this point in life, help probably should be sought to deal with the unexpected changes stemming from event. Help comes in many forms, some believe it can come from within, others seek help from a higher power, and others seek professional help. In which ever way help is searched, either by a single means, a combination, or all of the above, we have the resources and the books to tell you how. The mind is like a dark, foggy forest and difficult to navigate alone, so bring a companion and a guide! We have the book to help guide you through your own forest, cut through the fog, tread through the mud, and with time and reflection come out clean on the other side. Titles such as, Self-insight, Being Wrong, and How to Talk With People are a few starters to get you on the journey to understanding yourself, life, and others better.