Summer Reading

| June 24, 2012

As this past week kicked off the first official day of summer, as well as several days where many of us toiled over which friend with an air conditioner to call next, it would appear that it is also time to talk about summer reading. It seems to be viewed as a time when we can kick back and read for “fun” — those guilty pleasure reads or books that have been on our reading list for months. For many young readers, especially those who are still learning to read, this can be an important time, as we never truly “shut off” during summer vacation.

A recent article from the New York Times discusses that choosing what to read during our summer vacation (and what we recommend to students) can be incredibly important. The author suggests that we should always be learning, but summer reading is not for reading with post-it notes or how you will formulate your response essay. Summer should be a time to rekindle our love for reading. Ultimately, reading and learning should be enjoyable. For many struggling readers, reading is something to dread. This article suggests we use the summer to rediscover that reading is supposed to excite us and make us curious to learn about the world.

Summer book recommendation lists, if you need help compiling yours:


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NYC Public Library