Library Your Way Around Town, Part 3

| December 3, 2011

Unless you’ve been intentionally living in deep seclusion over these past months, you have heard of this thing called Occupy Wall Street. (If you have not heard of this, please let me know how you have been able to accomplish this level of seclusion. I’ve got finals coming up…) So assuming you have heard of OWS and its various counterparts around the country and the world, you may have also heard of the occupation libraries that have formed at these sites.

Well, in relatively recent news, the raid on Zuccotti Park in mid-November has resulted in the destruction of thousands of books from the OWS library. The Mayor’s Office originally tweeted shortly after the raid that the books were “safely stored” and could be reclaimed. Apparently, this only accounted for some of the books.

Rather than offer my own superfluous opinions, you can follow some of the (fairly biased) reporting through the following articles. Please let me know what you think.

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