Library Your Way Around Town, Part 2

| October 27, 2011

Another weekend, another library. After sampling delicious food at Smorgasburg with friends (the more friends you bring, the more things you can try), we moseyed on over to the Brooklyn Art Library (103A N. 3rd Street, Williamsburg). The library is an extension of Art House and includes art supplies, vintage books that you can buy, and excellent coffee table books that gave me some good ideas for my brother’s upcoming birthday… but I digress. The main exhibition at the library is the Sketchbook Project. Upon entering, you will see thousands of sketchbooks filled with beautifully eclectic art stacked along the left wall.

For those who don’t already know about the Sketchbook Project, anyone from around the world can sign up, from the art-hobbyists to the full-time professionals. Everyone is given a simple, uniform sketchbook, but the artists send the sketchbooks back in all sorts of shapes and colors, using a variety of artistic mediums. You need a library card (it will only take a second), but you give the librarian a geographic area or a theme (i.e., “in flight” or “a day in the life”) and s/he will deliver you a pile of books at the long, oak table next to the collection for you to peruse. Seeing the different interpretations of themes and range of artistic styles is pretty mind blowing. I recommend checking out the collection for yourself. Also, consider being part of the 2012 edition of the Sketchbook Project! The collection goes on tour to major cities around the U.S. as well as a few stops internationally before settling at their permanent location in Brooklyn.