Running: it’s all the rage

| April 2, 2012

This past March, the New York Road Runners club held their most popular half marathon in their history, with 26,797 applicants, 19,071 registrants, and 15,398 starters.  (Their previous record of finishers for the NYC half was 11,604 in 2010.) The Brooklyn half marathon, which is in May, sold out completely on the first day they opened the registration!  Suddenly, running a half marathon within the NYC limits is a bit like getting tickets to a Lady Gaga concert. And so, with this spirit of excitement in mind, let’s explore how to find books and journals on the topic of running!

Subject headings (these are just a few of your many options):

Running–Physiological aspects
Running–Psychological aspects
Marathon running

Handy call Numbers:
GV1061-1098   Recreation, Leisure–sports–track and field
RC1200-1245  Sports medicine

Fast fact: there is a call number for Nudism and Sunbathing; it’s GV450-451.


Runner’s World

Running and Fitnews


Running: Olympic Handbook of Sports Medicine


There are a number of running organizations with beginner’s information, if you’re interested in starting running, or finding races.

Road Runners New York — A group that organizes huge races throughout the five boroughs.
Team in Training — A charity-based organization that helps new runners train for races.

Note: You can also try similar search methods at the Columbia Library, who have more books than we do on the topic.

I hope to see you at the April Central Park 1/2 marathon!