How to start your research paper– finding “how to” books

| May 31, 2012

The other day a student came in and asked how to locate handbooks about writing journal articles (specifically, how to write articles about climate studies). I thought this particular question (not about the climate specifically, but about doing research) is likely useful to most students, and so here is a short list of tips for finding books in EDUCAT, our catalog.

First, I entered probable keywords which included casual phrases like “writ* research paper” and “research methods” and “academic research writing” which yielded okay results.  I found a much better selection of books by using subject terms, which are listed below:

Academic Writing

Academic Writing–Handbooks, Manuals, etc

Dissertations, Academic–Authorship


And who would guess: Report Writing

(Below is what it looks like to search for “academic writing” under subject)

(Here is a partial list of books under “academic writing–handbooks, manuals, etc.”  Note the reference book called A Manual for Writing Term Papers, Theses, and Dissertations.)

To limit results to theses or dissertations, simply type in these words (dissertation, or thesis) as keywords in an advanced search combined with these subject terms. You can also zero in on a particular discipline by adding “social science” or “humanities” in an advanced search.  Try playing around with your terms! We have a LOT of books on this topic. Happy searching.