Good books that happen to be free

| April 19, 2012

Nicole Cliffe at Hairpin posted a delightfully snarky piece about free books available for the Kindle, which, aside from being very funny, actually struck me as good advice.  One can read most of the pre-copyright classics on Kindle for free, as well as a handful of new classics, like Marion Zimmer Bradley’s The Colors of Space and (classic is probably not the right word for this) The Bible.

Guess where else you can read books for free on your Kindle?  The public library!  Both New York Public Library and Brooklyn Public Library have titles available for Kindle (as well as for other readers), which you can download using your account for a few weeks at time. At TC, you can also read e-books, though not on a Kindle.  Here is an earlier post I wrote describing how to read e-books through Ebrary, our online book vendor.

If you have thoughts on reading e-books versus reading paper books, the ALA is conducting a survey right now to help them accommodate patron needs in our quickly changing digital world.  The survey is part of a larger initiative funded by Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.  The survey is for both patrons and librarians, so check it out.