Equipment you can borrow.

| October 10, 2012

You might not realize that the TC library holds many treasures in its collection aside from books (which you would find here, in EDUCAT) or databases (which you would locate here, or HERE, by subject).

You can check out laptops, cameras, web cams, conference phones (best used in a conference room, which you can reserve), dry erase markers, disc drives (Remember when a zip drive seemed like a miraculous device? We have them!), tape cassette recorders, powerpoint pointers, mice, microphones, two ipads, and an interview transcription machine.

Also, we have an entire box of…  what are these, you ask?

[hint: they’re 8-position listening centers–imagine riding the subway with 8 friends, all listening to the same song!]

All of these devices live behind the circulation desk; you can get one by simply asking one of our friendly staff to check one out to you. Any piece of technology can be checked out for six hours at a time; you need to leave your ID with us if it’s a laptop or an ipad.

We also have staplers.  Lots of staplers.

Here is an official list of what you can check out here.