Type III Civilization and Beyond

| May 2, 2011

Imagine the freedom of traveling to the Andromeda galaxy through the mind; harnessing the energy of a black hole; or breaching cosmic censorship at one’s will – pleasures that even the great sages of this Milky Way boondocks were not privileged to experience.

Civilizations are categorized by how efficiently they extract energy and control their environment.  A type III civilization is one that can use the energy within any galaxy including the supermassive black hole in the center.  Currently, the human civilization is at a puny 0.72.

It is certain that the existing knowledge base has to be radically restructured: new concepts will be assigned to good and evil or the lack thereof; naturalistic and moralist fallacies of the current and past eras are relegated as immaturities: social necessities of its time, subsumed, immolated in the consuming infernos of a vastly superior plane of existence.

Should fortune summon your presence at that distant day, what would you say to the great philosophers, poets, and thinkers of the past?  What would you communicate at the intergalactic altar before the assembly of the greats?

There before Plato, Aristotle, Christ, Mohamed, Confucius, Einstein, and all the celestial Buddhas, this being would laugh at their petty quibbles and toast the eternal fire of Valhalla, the violent conflagration that consumes the depth of his soul and propels him to the supreme cosmic heights!