The American Salon on Its 40th

| March 23, 2011

Four decades ago, three entrepreneurs opened an obscure coffee shop in Seattle and watched it grew into a NASDAQ registered business with a solid market capitalization.  In its 234 years of life, United States never commanded a salon culture as that of pre-Revolution France, Starbucks came closest to it as Broadway musicals did justice to European operas or Coca-Cola to Champagne.

Since its IPO in 1992, investors helped to spread the American coffeehouse, today coffee aficionados can see the green Melusine in 50 countries and over the top of 11,000 local “purveyors” of modest java with sugar fortified confections.

So, on your next outing with friends, when the urge arrives, indulge your quickest impulse – visit the American Salon, toast the birthday coffeehouse.  As you gaze into the eyes of the curvaceous Melusine, ask her: “Where is my Madame Geoffrin?”