Technology as Metaphor

| May 9, 2011

“Technology should be assigned the dubious role of a liberator – it should assist its creator in every endeavor he pleases.” -A.M.

Wheel for transportation, paper for writing, electricity for powering, engines for propelling, any intelligent civilization inevitably busies itself with means of existence.

Last year saw the first decline in the sale of computers – the rise of mobile devices with sufficient processing capacity is blurring the line between a cell phone and a laptop.

Technology is a shadow of humanity, it reflects its aspirations, its pleasures, and its nightmares.  But out of the thick web of skill sets also springs the guile of a master, a master who directs its progenitor to the unseen heights of his deepest desires.  Look at it long enough, the engineer will catch the crafty smirk on that shadowy face, the inventor will spot the devilish grin on its thousandth face.

Technology is a blade, it cuts bloodlessly into the unprotected ethical soft underbelly of its benefactor.  When confronted, genius becomes criminal.

Unlike others, this flight has no ending, and we are almost at the first stop – enjoy the ride, it is going to be wild.