Rocket Within Me, Rocket in the Sky

| May 13, 2011

Among the great many Achaeans at Troy, one warrior shone above the rest.  The Oracle at Delphi delivered a choice to him: live your life peacefully and die namelessly, or die young and be immortal.  Wan Hu of the Ming dynasty tested the first rocket propelled manned flight to the moon.  Far before Yuri Gagarin, Wan Hu dreamed about soaring in the stars.

Why do man challenge the gods?  Answer: it is within them.  Along the way, he also discovers the meaning of his existence.  Tip to the gods: they can not stop, nor will they.   One could say this started as the first unicellular organism saw the advantage of fusing with others.   But its origin is deeper: when the great barrier was crossed between lifeless chemicals and sentient beings, there was a manifest destiny to go forward, to seek out more opportunities, almost entropic.

So they lived, conquered, killed, and died.  But the civilizations they left behind inherited their creations, their glories, and their misconceptions.  More of them came, one generation after another.  One day, they reached the moon.  And yes, one day, they reached Mars.

The spirit that propelled their quest, one could say it is written in the stars.  After all, that is where they came from.