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September comes around like a carousel, not unlike the work of Arthur Wesley Dow and his students. An influential and highly innovative art educator, Dow taught future art teachers the importance of creating art through elements of composition, namely line, mass, and color. Made in the early 1900’s by an unknown student of Dow’s, the …

Posted 15 days ago by Jennifer Govan

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Meet The Staff – John C. Hume

Are you a Teachers College student, and, if so, what are you studying? No, I’m not but I’m a graduate of Sarah Lawrence College and I like to consider myself a student of life. Where’s your hometown? I’m a native New Yorker. Born in Queens and raised on Long Island. But I’ve also lived in …

Posted a month ago by John C. Hume

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Library Resources for the Eisenhower Leader Development Program

This research guide is intended to provide an overview of key library resources and services of use to participants in the Eisenhower Leader Development Program (ELDP), the M.A. Program in Social-Organizational Psychology that offers a slightly modified version for U.S. Army officers, predominantly with the rank of Captain, at the United States Military Academy (USMA), …

Posted 3 months ago by Allen Foresta

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Designing the Space You Most Want and Need

Let’s just call it your….HOME! That was the Design challenge that was happily addressed at the recent Socratic Conversation (5/29) conducted by Ron Gross. Each participant began by identifying four major values which they sought in designing their living space, and then shared one which they felt would be unique in the group – and …

Posted 3 months ago by Jennifer Govan

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Library Services, Spring 2014: Users, Staff, and Technology

My report on library services for Spring 2014 takes as its theme the intersection between library users, library staff members, and information technologies, and as in the past I've raided the wonderful Historical Photographs of Teachers College collection in PocketKnowledge to provide illustrations of users in the past engaging with technologies of the past (and …

Posted 4 months ago by Allen Foresta

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By Design: Highlighting the Spring Education Program

D esign is the theme for Socrates. Death, strengthflame,  friend, home, if you please! Fine topics equate, As we ponder our fate -- Philosopher, growing minds he believes! * * * * * * E very book talks in the Library. Dear reader, be sure not to tarry! Global or leader, It couldn’t …

Posted 4 months ago by Jennifer Govan

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Announcing the Upcoming Teachers Lab at Brooklyn Public Library

An upcoming workshop aimed at New York City teachers of grades 4-12 will focus on teaching and learning resources available through the Brooklyn Public Library (BPL) and is targeted towards sparking innovative lesson plan design. Taught by experienced librarians and special guests, the “Teachers Lab” is a free two-week course running from August 11-22 that …

Posted 4 months ago by Laurel Angrist

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Happy May Day! Working on the Dartigue Collection

Sifting through e-mail, I see that May 1, 2014 marks a significant second anniversary:  the beginning of collaborative work with John Dartigue, son of Maurice and Esther, on the Maurice Dartigue Collection and its sub collections, Additional Writings by and about Maurice Dartigue; and Writings by and about Esther Dartigue. It was on May 1, …

Posted 4 months ago by Jennifer Govan

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Contributorship: tracking who did what

Recently I've been hearing some buzz about "contributorship." Especially in the sciences, article author lists can become downright gargantuan in size, so the idea behind contributorship is to move beyond the one-dimensional system of labeling everyone as an author to a more nuanced way of recording who did what in a research project. The issue …

Posted 4 months ago by Alex P.

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Friendship: The Design and the Art of Creating Personal Relationships

FRIENDSHIP, which seems like such a simple concept when you’re browsing at the rack of Hallmark greeting cards in the drugstore, turned out to be problematical – but rewarding -- when it was examined deeply, wittily, and movingly, at the monthly Socratic Conversation conducted by Ron Gross on Thursday, April 17th. Each participant drafted a “Friendship Credo” …

Posted 4 months ago by Jennifer Govan

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Connecting Educators with New York City’s Cultural Institutions: “The NYC Uncommon Approaches to the Common Core” Conference

Local cultural institutions have a lot to offer New York City educators by supporting curriculum development in exciting new ways. Teachers, for instance, are able use the high quality resources available at New York City’s museums to get students to think critically about the world around them. When students become aware of what the city …

Posted 5 months ago by Laurel Angrist

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What We’re Reading: “Mindset: The New Psychology of Success”

I just finished reading (well, listening to) "Mindset: The New Psychology of Success" by Dr. Carol Dweck. I originally found this book in the book drop some time last year. I recently picked it up and really enjoyed it. Being that the hardcover copy is rather heavy, I decided to download the audiobook. I listened to …

Posted 5 months ago by Dina

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What’s Your Triple Package?

Are you… practical...empathetic... imaginative...persistent... intuitive... open-minded... curious... creative... logical... rigorous... enthusiastic...cooperative... passionate...? These are just some of the thoughts collected on the flipchart in preparation for the recent Socratic conversation What's YOUR "Triple Package"? Discovering and Activating Your "Signature Strengths" to Design Your Success, moderated by Ron Gross, author of Socrates Way and Co-Chair of …

Posted 5 months ago by Jennifer Govan

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Teaching Graphic Novels

Readers can't seem to get enough graphic novels, and luckily, the number of superb graphic novels appears to be multiplying exponentially every year. This is good news for teachers, since there are about a hundred reasons to use graphic novels in the classroom; one big reason being that graphic novels are frequently highly relatable, which …

Posted 5 months ago by Antonia

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Data artist Laurie Frick

New York and Austin-based installation artist Laurie Frick recently gave a talk at Pratt (where I study library & information science) entitled "The Art of Self-Surveillance" (here's a storify of some tweets about the talk). Though unfortunately I wasn't able to attend, I was intrigued by her use of "self-tracking" about things like mood, sleep …

Posted 6 months ago by Alex P.

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Earthquake for Teachers College?

A coworker recently informed me of a fairly-inactive fault line within walking distance of Teachers College. Coined "the 125th Street fault" -- the reason the 1 train stop is elevated -- the line runs from New Jersey through to the east side of Manhattan (the East River). Though earthquake activity in and around New York City …

Posted 6 months ago by Dina

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Animal-Assisted Literacy Programs Provide a Boost to Children’s Reading

Schools and libraries are increasingly seeing the value of programs that allow students to read to pets in order to boost reading skills. To date, such animal-assisted literacy programs are currently operating in 43 states throughout the U.S., as well as in Canada, the UK, Italy and India.1 In fact, as research into the growing …

Posted 6 months ago by Laurel Angrist

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Designing Learning Spaces in the Everett Library Café

The Designing Learning Spaces Collection is now available for perusal in the Everett Library Café. These books explore library and learning space architecture and planning, design elements like furniture, alternative classroom use cases, and even digital learning space design. These items are meant to support the Teachers College community in our redesign of the fourth …

Posted 6 months ago by Laura Costello

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Would It Kill You to Talk about Death for an Hour?

In fact, it didn't! Participants adopted a lively, healthy approach to discussing the Inevitable at a recent Socratic Conversation conducted by Ron Gross, co-chair of the Columbia University Seminar on Innovation in Education. Spurred by Sam Harris’ video, It Is Always Now (which looks philosophically at the present moment and why it’s important to live …

Posted 6 months ago by Jennifer Govan

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